Zweirad-Reiniger (Limpiador de Motos y Bicicletas)

Zweirad-Reiniger (Limpiador de Motos y Bicicletas)

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RAVENOL Zweirad-Reiniger removes trouble-free dirt like dust, oil, grease, brake dust on rims and plastic coverings etc.

RAVENOL Zweirad-Reiniger is very efficient because of the little required quantity.

RAVENOL Zweirad-Reiniger doesn’t dissolve glue and varnish.

RAVENOL Zweirad-Reiniger is absolutely formaldehyde and phosphate-free.

RAVENOL Zweirad-Reiniger is biodegradable up to 98 %.

Application Notes

RAVENOL Zweirad-Reiniger has to be put on pure or diluted according to the rate of pollution, short application time, wash with water. Average dilution: 1:10 with water. In case of an intense pollution extend the application time or repeat the process.

RAVENOL Zweirad-Reiniger  can be diluted up to a ratio of 1:3 according to the rate of pollution.

RAVENOL Zweirad-Reiniger  doesn’t attack surfaces doesn’t etch and is nontoxic, nevertheless wash the hands after having used.




Complex former, tenside

Keep out of the reach of children. Follow the general regulations for the handling of chemicals.